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I'm done

I have used dish since around 1991. Our relationship has gone through ups and downs depending on their equipment, content, and service, but on the balance I feel it has been a fair exchange for my money. Not anymore. We switched to the Hopper/Joey units about a year ago. On the whole they have been more trouble than not.

We are done. When our contract for this mess is up in a couple of months, we are getting the equipment out of our house. No more black screens and having to unplug/reset. No more random interface freezing when trying to watch Netflix. No more buggy software.

I'm done ranting. I had to get that off my chest. To be fair, whenever I have called their support, they were friendly and efficient. I'll probably miss that when I switch to a competitor. But then again, change is good. I'm going to embrace it.
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Re: I'm done

Sounds like you might all new HW if your having issues.

I've had DISH since 9=1996 and ups can downs. Current HW has been working well for me. 1 Hopper and 3 Joeys.

Not all HW is great. Might ask for ALL new HW.

Good Luck.