I deserve a refund!!!

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I deserve a refund!!!


So I set up autopay over the phone on 10-10, I made sure when I called that the due date could be changed to the 3rd of the month instead of the 28th, he assured me that it could and no money would come out before then. So yesterday I looked at my bank account and they took the payment out on the 28th, so I'm freaking out because there's no money in my account till the 3rd, so now I'm gonna get a over draft fee through my bank. So I call Dish up and ask if they could stop the payment from going through and the guy said no but once it does clear they can refund it and I can repay on the 3rd when I have the money. So I call today and talk to a supervisor which tells me that everything I was told the night before is false and they cannot refund my money and there's absolutely nothing they can do, but they are so very sorry for the inconvenience. What the hell?? SO I get screwed over and now have to pay the $35 over draft fee for something they admit they were in the wrong.



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Re: I deserve a refund!!!

DISH Employee

Good morning. I appreciate the time you have taken to advise us of the inconvenience this has caused you. Your new due date takes two months to go into effect. This is why the payment was still taken on the 28th. Your next statement will be the transition bill and will cover a different service period than you're used to. To avoid this issue before your new due date goes into affect, you can remove the autopay. You can make this change on your MyDish account. The autopay can then be added back on once the billing due date has been completely changed to the 3rd.