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Horrible customer service


I have never had the worse customer service in my life.  I scheduled an appt. on Saturday June 16th between Noon and 5 p.m.  I was told they would confirm the day prior.  NOTHING.  I waited all day Saturday for someone to contact me about an arrival time.  NOTHING THEY DID NOT SHOW UP.  I waited all day.  I called several times during the day on Saturday and never got anywhere.  Was told to check website for status.  Sunday morning I called and was transfered to New Jersey.  She told me that since it was their error someone would be out today.  I told them I could not be there until after 1:30.  I was told that was OK.  They called and said someone would be there at 12:30!!!!!!!  I told them I could not be there and I was told.... OH WELL!!!!!  NOTHING, no trying to get here, no working with us.  NOW,  to get my receiver moved so my contractor can work tomorrow I need to take a day off work, and wait another 5 hours to see if they show up!!!!!  NO we will work with you NOTHING....... 


I will change my service... I will change to Direct TV.  I will not continue with them... BUT I will have them come out and move the receiver.... yes, they will move it and then I will take the stupid thing down and change providers.


I have contacted the BETTER BUSINESS and filed a complaint.  Unfortunately, DISH does not care... they have a lot of people using their service... I am just a little guy and they are a huge company.


BUT i will let everyone I know NOT TO USE DISH if you want good customer service.  THEIR recording on the phone is a joke.... # one in customer service... what a laugh.....

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Re: Horrible customer service

DISH Employee

Hello Ollietrollie, I hate that you had such a negative experience with your technician visit being skipped, and then re-scheduled for a time that didn't work for you. On top of that now you have to take an extra day off. I know this has been a complete pain. This is not want we want for one of our members! I am determined to right this wrong for you and hopefully change your experience with us. Can you please send my a Private Message with your phone number and 4-digit PIN? If you're not sure how to do that:


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