Dumped Dish b/c of Pops Up Messages

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Dumped Dish b/c of Pops Up Messages

Who hates pop up messages? Everyone. Dish started displaying a pop up message a few years ago every time you switched to a Premium movie channel. It says, "Want to watch from the beginning? Press SELECT to see other showings". Happens everythime. No way to shut it off. They even started delaying how long before it shows up so it's harder to press exit to get rid of it everytime you change the channel. I am moving soon and will get set up with DirecTV solely because of this. Dish ruined an other wise good product with this garbage. Soon the long nightmare will be over when I start giving my money to DirecTV.
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Re: Dumped Dish b/c of Pops Up Messages

Camera Crew

So, you will now get the message "To watch the show from the beginning, press <<". I know this for a FACT because I left DirecTV less than a year ago after being with them for 15+ years.

VERY petty excuse to change......