Dish Forum Moderator please contact me

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Dish Forum Moderator please contact me

Camera Crew
I have been trying for over a month through customer service chat and phone calls to get my password on my forum account reset. Apparently it is NOT linked to my MyDish account/password. In order to enter this message I have created a new forum account. I want to communicate under my old username. I don't want to enter my email address here so if a moderator would please email me at the address on record for this account I will confirm the other account contact information.

PS. Contrary to all of the instructions and info that the help desks have available, noone is able to find a "reset password" link on the Forum Login page. And resetting the MyDish password does not link to the forum.

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Re: Dish Forum Moderator please contact me

DISH Employee
Unfortunately, we do not have a way to provide any kind of password recovery for the forums. If the username or password has been forgotten, a new account would need to be created.

Re: Dish Forum Moderator please contact me

Costume Designer
Why am I not able to post a New Topic or reply to any posts?

I get this notice with different support IDs...
"The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator."

Your support ID is: 7325081713020537353
Your support ID is: 7325081713020191729... and several others

I was trying to find out why I just had an inconsistent series timer problem... Tried the subject: Timers Not Working, that would not post.

I cannot reply to any posts either. I updated Chrome and even tried registering again, but that has made no difference.