DISH Customer Service Reps Have Bad Rep

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DISH Customer Service Reps Have Bad Rep

Costume Designer
It seems that many of us have had bad experiences with DISH CSRs. This causes anger, frustration, and lack of trust, or in many cases, no trust. Put another way, we have no confidence that they are trustworthy. Not all DISH CSRs are bad, of course, but all it takes are a few bad apples to taint the whole basket.

I detest the prospect of having to take the word of a DISH CSR. All one has to do is read the horror stories of interactions between DISH customers and DISH CSRs to see why a lot of us feel this way.

The D.I.R.T. members, I apparently wrongly believed, were still here to help us not have to deal with the callous, rude, and frequently misleading and sometimes just outright deceitful, DISH telephone CSRs. And in earlier transactions that I have had with the Social Media Reps, they handled everything, from pricing to equipment to scheduling, to providing a detailed accounting of what the transaction was, what was expected from me and what DISH was promising to do. I would receive that detailed accounting in an E-mail sent to my personal E-mail account that I could save, and DISH could not touch it.

I have been ready to commit to a new contract covering the price renewal guarantee and free Hopper 3 upgrade for some time now. But D.I.R.T. has changed. Now, all they say is, "We put a note on your account. But we cannot help you any further. You will have to call Customer Service." Or, I just might call DIRECTV.

Or maybe I will just call nobody.
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Re: DISH Customer Service Reps Have Bad Rep

DISH Employee
We can still assist with most situations here, that hasn't changed. The only reason I can think of we would request you to call in for an upgrade is because we have no card on file, and for security purposes we are not able to collect card information for the qualification of any upgrades. You can always log in at or use the MyDISH app to make a $1 payment which should attach a last used card to the account. Once that is done we should be able to get everything setup here, though unfortunately without looking at your specific situation I couldn't say what else could be causing that.

Let me know if you still need assistance getting everything setup.

Re: DISH Customer Service Reps Have Bad Rep

Read my post Tommy, you people don't give a rat's [b:3kgc0hb4]***[/b:3kgc0hb4] about the customers. I feel you are just there to get your 40 a week and move on with life......that is tragic and a sign of how [b:3kgc0hb4]*****[/b:3kgc0hb4] this country has become. Its little things like being ripped off that get people so fired up! Prior to my move I had no issues with Dish, now its nothing but problem after problem and no one involved in Dish TV cares enough about this one customer much less the millions of others they have!

[b:3kgc0hb4]Please refrain from using language in your posts. -Tommy F[/b:3kgc0hb4]