Customer Referral Numbet for Install Freebies?

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Customer Referral Numbet for Install Freebies?

I just signed up for install on Dec 9th and salesman said if I knew anyone with Dish Network to get a 'referral number' from them to get a list of freebies available for both me and them. I said great, thinking of my neighbor who just had a dish installed. Got off the phone after scheduling my install and trotted over to my neighbors house only to discover he had Direct-TV. I was mistaken! So I am wondering if any of you Dish Network folks would like to provide me with that number (salesman also said person/customer referring would additionally get $5 off of their monthly bill...not sure if that's a recurring thing or one time reward) This would be your customer referral code If anyone is uncomfortable with providing their name and info for this, I can give you my Dish salesperson's name, number and extension for verification.


Plz message me, first one wins!

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