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Customer Complaint

After losing service with our remote last night, and purchasing/replacing remote batteries to no avail, I contacted Dish Network and spoke with "Rod-# HDH". At this time I had several different requests to discuss with the customer service rep, and began with only the first (most important) item, which was assistance with the remote-I wanted to ensure I was doing things correctly on my end, or verify if this was a faulty remote. The other 2 issues were; trading HBO for another channel (if possible), and also adding another premium channel to our account of either Showtime or Stars.

I had a very horrible experience with Rod in which I would like to discuss with a Supervisor. I did indeed request "Rod" to transfer me to a Supervisor, at which time I was requested to advise him of "why" I wanted to speak with a Supervisor. I was shocked that he would even demand an answer before transferring me. I stated "Because I requested to speak with a Supervisor". He again refused, demanding to know "why". I told him "because I do not feel I should have to pay for faulty equipment". I was refused again, and he stated there was nothing wrong with my remote, and if I wanted a new one, I would be charged $20.00. I was very upset with the fact I had to deal with this rude individual, and advised "are you sure there is nothing wrong with my remote"? He stated "yes". I again assured him there is indeed something wrong with my remote, and I wished to speak with a Supervisor- I did not feel I should have to pay this fee for faulty equipment-especially when I am paying for insurance on it. He stated again that a Supervisor would state the exact same thing to me. I stated, "So you are advising me AS A SUPERVISOR" that there is nothing wrong with my remote, as well as the fact that I must pay $20.00 for a new one". His response was "YES". As a government employee (barrier removal) and a Supervisor, for over 15 years, I find his behavior not only appalling, but unprofessional. As a Direct TV patron for over 18 years, and had approximately 3 remotes replaced throughout that time frame (with no charge), I find it shocking. As a new(er) customer with Dish Network, I find this behavior and treatment (and your Dish Network Policy) both appalling and offensive.

I contacted 3 different numbers at Corporate office, and was unable to get an answer at any of them. I was given a different number by a sales rep in Wisconsin. I then made contact with another Dish representative, and spoke with a female who was polite, but very difficult to understand due to her very heavy accent. She was very helpful, and after about 25 minutes of trying different things to no avail, decided there was an issue with the remote at which time advised me she ordered another for shipment (at no cost to me). As I had to ask this nice rep to repeat herself multiple times due to communication barriers, (and still had yet to discuss channel changes and file a complaint for "Rod"), the call was ended at the remote issue being resolved, and again contacted Dish Network. This time I spoke with "Xavier". I explained my position, requested help with options regarding changing/adding channels, and lastly about filing a complaint. Xavier was VERY helpful, polite, professional, and appropriate, and I commend him for his drive to find answers.

Again, I am requesting contact at your earliest convenience.
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Re: Customer Complaint

Costume Designer
It is pure luck to talk to somebody who can get things done on the phone. The ones that I talked to were polite and understanding on few issues I ran into. But, their lack of experience and decision to check the manual regarding the latest equipment surprised me. I just gave up.
Some here recommend that you click a green color media representative name and send them a private message.

Still can't believe that you were expected to pay for a new remote. Unless you lose one, that doesn't make any sense to me. Good luck.

Re: Customer Complaint


Yesterday, Kurt in the Presidents office told me that Dish would no longer send a tech out to fix my Joey in the master bedroom.  We have had numerous error messages for years.  On August 15, I lost complete service because of the error messages.  The tech I spoke to remotes into my system.  She saw what error message I was getting.  My system was down for 2 days.  Apparently, it cleared out.  But this was the problem I was experiencing.  I NEVER made up any problem I was having.  All other tv's we had did not experience this problem.  Now Dish is punishing me for calling when my system gives problems.  One time months ago, my Joey would automatically turn itself on with no assistance.  This happened at early a.m. times.  So, I am now looking for new service, but no utility service should do this.



Re: Customer Complaint

DISH Employee

Hey, TERESEHERRIN! I absolutely understand why you would be upset with this situation, and definitely don't want to see you leave our DISH Family. I'd love to take a look at your account, and help get this resolved.


Will you send me a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit security code, please?