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How do I file a complaint against Dish Network? They gave someone access to my account and ordered service on my account even thought the security password wasn’t given?
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Re: Complaint

Costume Designer
Have you called and talked to customer service? Contrary to popular belief. Dish is not "out to get" any of it's customers. If somebody ordered service, many times it's somebody in the household that ordered the service, customer service can usually see how it was ordered.

If the service was ordered in anyway other than though a customer service representative, either a mistake was made in the household, or somebody figured out your password (if your 4 digit security code is something easy to figure out like your birthday, guarantee your kids figured it out months ago).

Anyway, if you haven't already, call customer service with an open mind, those reps don't make extra money or anything by sneaking service onto your account, so they have no incentive not to help you get to the bottom of your issue and help prevent it in the future