Colors Kannada program guide is wrong

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Colors Kannada program guide is wrong

We subscribe to Kannada package. It includes Colors Kannada, Udaya and Zee kannada channel. While the latter two guide shows the exact program airing at that time when clicked on Info button on the remote, Colors Kannada programs guide is off. When I click on Info to see the details of the program airing on Colors Kannada, it shows a different program then the one playing at that time.

I have informed this to Dish several times, but no action has taken place. I am very frustrated as I can set to record any programs due to this.

I would appreciate if someone takes action soon.
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Re: Colors Kannada program guide is wrong

DISH Employee
That's definitely no good. I don't show any known issues with that channel right now, but I can get it sent forward for you. Can I get a private message with the account or phone # please?