Changing Online Account Password

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Changing Online Account Password

I have wandered all over my online account and can't find anywhere to change my password. I can go to my Profile page on online account and see what's there, but I can't change my password.

It looks like I can by just deleting what is in the password field, typing a new password, confirm the new one and hit enter, but when I do that, both the password fields as well as the security code reminder is highlighted as needing to be completed or corrected.

Why is there not a place to click on the Profile page to change passwords or other profile information?

Please and thank you,
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Re: Changing Online Account Password

DISH Employee
When you are logged into your account, you will need to My Profile to make the changes you're trying to make. Can you PM me with the phone number and 4-digit PIN on the account to better help you?