Can I cancel my service online?

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Can I cancel my service online?


Hello All,


I am trying to cancel my service, but the wait was too long to get to a representative.


I would like to know if i have satisfied my contract end date, but cannot seem to find this online.


I have a Hopper with Sling and two Joey 1.0 that was activated in November 2013, but the only date I can find is the activation date.


I am having issues with the DVR. We saved lots of videos, but now they play about 20 minutes or so, then the video just stops and forces the Main unit to reboot.


With the price increase, issues playing Netflix, and loss of HBO, it is just not the deal it use to be.

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Re: Can I cancel my service online?

Supporting Role
You can only cancel over the phone. You’ll want the loyalty department.

Re: Can I cancel my service online?

DISH Employee

Hello Nicole. I am sorry to hear that you have been faced with so many issues concerning your service. We would hate to lose you as a part of our DISH family. I'd be pleased to  take a look into each of your concerns. Cam you please provide me with your phone number and security pin so that I may access your account?