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Beware of Dish

Character Actor
Here is my Dish experience. I called for service and gave them my order. I was told my installation was going to be almost 500.00 When I said I would shop around I was put on hold and he came back and said it would be 259.00 Against better judgement I did it. My appointment was set and my tech showed up. He was great! But. I ordered 3 rooms for service his work order was for one. He called and I was told it would be another 100.00 When I told my tech just do the one install and I will be calling Direct TV my issue got resolved but their next appointment date is 8/10. The original package I ordered wasn't what I got and I had signed up for auto pay thinking this would be hassle free. I immediately called my
bank while my tech was here and put a block on Dish on my account. If I can't trust them to full fill the order I placed I will never trust them to access my account direct. When I called back to try and add 2 packages for a total of 18.00 a month their service person wanted to add it to my card. No thanks. I will be calling Direct TV . My tech had told me they could go back and listen to my conversation on my initial order . Thanks Dish for a day from hell.
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Re: Beware of Dish

Audio Engineer

Must agree. I have never had more trouble from a company I am paying for service. It is always something, you the customer, did to create the problem..

Even though you may have a service agreement, they still charge you the same price to fix or replace equipment that you are leasing, but want full price to exchange.

How have they been able to go on like this for so long, and not be challenged in court?

Re: Beware of Dish

DISH Employee

Hello, Bassman686. It is really important to us that we remain as transparent as possible to make sure there are no surprises that translate into a bad experience. I hate to hear that was not the case when you signed up with us. I would like to look into this concern further and see what I can do to help. Can you send me a Private Message with your phone number and 4-digit PIN please? 

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