Account Specialist Added Programming without Authorization

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Account Specialist Added Programming without Authorization

Hi Folks, 


Wanted to let the Dish community know that since May I've had nothing but issues with Dish service and then being charged for technician to come to house when I told I wouldn't be multiple times.  Then when I called to have it removed I had to spend a bunch of time convincing a rep and then the supervisor I should have never been charged.  Then told only way to remove is that I'd need to sign up for the Dish Mover service, free for 3 months then charge after that. This just made me more upset I was being upsold, by 3rd party customer support so they could likely meet their quota for the month.

Then when I contacted the Account Escalation team; who have been great in the past years, but dropped the ball mutiple times; 1st they were the ones telling me I'd never be charged $95 tech fee 2nd when I called to inform them I was being forced onto Dish Mover service they said they'd remove the it for me then they went and added local channels for $12 which I never requested. 


This has been by far the worst multiple issues expereince over a months time (May-June) that I've had over my 11 or 12 years with Disha as a loyal customer.  Having to constantly call Dish to get things resolved then find something else is wrong is not what I call world class service, which is why I've stayed with you for so long.  The small compensations that I've been given just haven't added up to compensate for my time and frustration.  Bottomline keep an eye on your bills for customer service added erroneous charges to your service.


Might be time to seriously consider bringing down the Dish???


Best regards...


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Re: Account Specialist Added Programming without Authorization

DISH Employee

Hello VoiceofReason.


This is certainly not the experience that we want any of our members to have with us at all. I honestly would be pretty frustrated going through something like that as well. When a technician is needed there is normally a $95.00 cost, but we do offer DISH Protect Silver in order to completely cover the cost. That program normally costs $9.99, but for our long time valued members, there is often a promotion that allows you to take advantage of this package for the next 90-days cost free. You are not obligated to keep it after that point. I am so sorry that it wasn't presented in that way, and it seemed like it's something that was forced on you. We want it to feel like a benefit, and definitely not like that. 


We you never want to add programming to a member account unless authorized by our members. This is definitely something I would want to get rectified immediately for you. Can you send me a Private Message with your phone number and 4-digit PIN please?