2 Year Price Guarantee

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Re: 2 Year Price Guarantee


Pardon me if I just tag along on your post seanmh72. I'm tired a don't want to scour the discussions for the exact issue. 

"Price Guarantee", should be called what it is. A contract that binds you to pay for a service even if you no longer are a customer due to no fault of my own. I developed a chronic ailment and had to move into less palatial digs. (sarcasm) The complex I am moving to does not allow alterations to the roof. There is no patio and cement poles are certainly frowned upon. You all know whats coming: a fee for the remaining months left on the "price guarantee". a healthy $280.00. If I wanted programming that was not local I had to subscribe to Dish. They were the only available alternative. I leave you with at least a sliver of good news. They met me half -way and now I owe a mere $140.00. I need to check my crystal ball next time I enter into a "price guarantee" type of commitment.