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Worst forum ever

Camera Crew

I am on a lot ofr forums and this one has to be the worst I have ever seen. Took me about 15 minutes to find reply to my post. lol Glad I am soon going back to Directv as this just sucks all the way around. First Google snoping on me and then this forum.

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Re: Worst forum ever


If you had checked the box that says "Email me when someone replies" you could have clicked on the link in your email and it would have taken you right to it. Don't blame the forum for something you apparently overlooked.


Anyway, I much preferred the layout of the old forum before Dish redesigned it.  Things were more organized in categories instead of this giant lump.


BTW, what is "snoping"?  Smiley LOL




Re: Worst forum ever

Camera Crew

Hello purplewg,

I have got to wish you luck when you change to Direct TV. It is not the old Direct TV anymore. Since AT&RIPPMEOFF bought Direct TV, it services have gone to hell in a hand basket especially their customer service. You will experience poor service (severe language barriers), crappy equipment, and very poor picture quality. The 4K is a joke in its self and if you don't have lighting fast internet download speeds, be prepared to see (buffering please wait) on your tv screen while your trying to watch an On-Demand program or movie. I had Direct for 22 years and until AT&RIPMEOFF took over Direct, I would have reccomended them to everyone. I just kicked AT&RIPPMEOFF and Direct TV out my door Sunday. I wouldn't reccomend Direct TV to my worst enemy now. All AT&RIPPMEOFF cares about is how many customers they can get under a two year contract. Loyal customers are thing of the past now. Oh I almost forgot that if you sign a two year contract with a guaranteed set price, get ready for price increases when networks start charging more. AT&RIPPMEOFF customers are dropping like flies and their representatives are silver tounged devils. They will try to sell you your own home and specialize in trapping new customers into contracts. AT&RIPPMEOFF paid way to much for Direct because they thought they could corner the market and put all other satelite TV providers out of business. They bit off more than they could chew because all other satelite TV providers and cable company's are actually benefiting from the buyout!!