Will "favorites" in DishAnywhere app ever work again?

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Will "favorites" in DishAnywhere app ever work again?

The "favorites" list in both the iOS and Android DishAnywhere apps has been broken for a very long time. Several app updates have been released since the problem first appeared, but it's still there.

Is it really an unsolveable problem? It used to work, after all.

Just in case someone doesn't understand what I'm talking about, the local channels can't be marked as "favorites" on their OTA channels in the list. Instead, they get marked on the 4-digit channel numbers, up around 6000 or so and above. For example, KARE, channel 11 here in Mpls/St. Paul, only shows up in the favorites list as channel 6349. This is not useful.

I've submitted reports of this from both versions of the app and through Twitter several times, but nothing has been fixed for a very long time.

This is really silly.
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Re: Will "favorites" in DishAnywhere app ever work again?

DISH Employee
Unfortunately we don't have any updates about this, and it's still being looked into by our engineering team.