Which Satellites Provide Program Guide Content?

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Which Satellites Provide Program Guide Content?


I have a Wally receiver with a King Tailgater 4 portable antenna.  On a recent camping trip, I was only able to view and connect to satellite 61.5 (due to obstructions).  I was able to view the programming on that satellite, but my program guide did not update.  It showed content from the last time I was connected to multiple satellites.  I tried rebooting the receiver, but the new guide content did not download.  I suspect only certain satellites provide the guide content.  Can you please tell me which of the following satellites provides program guide content:  61.5, 110, 119, and/or 129?

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Re: Which Satellites Provide Program Guide Content?

DISH Employee

Hey AVLRVUser! With a Wally, you should be able to be getting your Guide information through 61.5, transponder 14. The transponders should automatically connect, but you can also double check this if you press Sys Info on the front of the box and go to Dish, from this screen you can change the Spotbeam to 14 to see what the signal strength is for that connection.