Wally vs. original TailGater

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Wally vs. original TailGater

I really really wanted the Wally to work out, for various reasons, one of which was the UHF remote and another, less power consumption than a VIP211K.

We were going to use the Wally in our new RV. Boondocking means that we use battery power with an inverter and power consumption is an issue.

However, the Wally, in my opinion, is a piece of junk when used with the original TailGater. Why? It cannot reliably get satellite signals. Furthermore, it's a crapshoot if it's even going to pass the check switch hoops. Even if it has good signals on all 3 (110, 119, 129) satellites, it generates random "complete signal loss" errors on channels and then NO channels will work at all.

The only way it reliably works is with a fixed dish, not the TailGater.

Another lousy feature is that you can't cancel the program guide download, which you can do with a VIP211K.

So I reactivated our 211K and all is fine. It just works.

I cannot believe that Dish thinks a Wally is ready for prime time. It clearly is not.
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Re: Wally vs. original TailGater

Camera Crew
agree with all points. i have the same issues with wally. i wonder if i should look at a different receiver. it randomly loses signal then forces me to go through the entire 20 minute restart. totally senseless software design.