Wally and X2 pathway problems

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Wally and X2 pathway problems


I have a Wally and X2 pathway. After a couple hours of set up it work well. We went on a trip from Texas to Ohio. I had to switch from the western satellites to eastern satellites. Since we got back to Texas I cannot get the western arc. I can lock into an eastern satellite. X2 is in a open spot no obstructions. I've read where the wally could be the problem.  I watch the X2 go through all the adjustments and it's pointing the right way. 

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Re: Wally and X2 pathway problems

DISH Employee

Hello, sorry to hear you are having problems with your system. I would recommend trying unscrewing the coax connection on the back of your receiver and then navigating to menu>settings>diagnostics>dish then select "Test Installation" and let the test run so it doesn't detect any satellites. This will clear the slate. Then reconnect the coax and repeat the process, to see if it locks in on the Western arc satellites. Once locked in, then exit the menu's and see if you get the channels.