Wally Pathway X2 HD Software Issue

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Wally Pathway X2 HD Software Issue

I recently upgraded from a 211z to a new Wally for use in my RV. I have the Pathway X2 and it works perfectly with the 211z.

The Wally is faster at completing the initial signal search than the 211z. It locates all three "birds" in a couple minutes.

What I have noticed since hooking the Wally up to the X2 is that Wally does not tune to an HD satellite (129) or channel [b:1vyv29ef]upon power up[/b:1vyv29ef] from the overnight. It will default to the SD equivalent channel on 110 or 119. When I change channels to another HD channel, I receive the message of a complete signal loss and it tunes to the SD channel.

After finagling or completing a check switch test, it will eventually tune to all HD channels on 129. Until the next day when I experience the same scenario and start the process again.

I know during the overnights, the receivers "sleep" and do their necessary updates and downloads from the satellites. My problem begins when I wake up at 8am and turn on to watch tv.

This appears to be an issue with the Wally firmware, the 211z never had this problem. The 211z would turn on and immediately tune to the last HD channel I was watching. It's as if the Wally forgets it's able to use 129 to get my local HD stations, etc. and defaults to 110.

Hoping a savvy tech geek from Dish reads this and brainstorms the solution!!
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Re: Wally Pathway X2 HD Software Issue

DISH Employee
When the mobile setup screen comes up in the morning, which satellites does it show right away? Does it show 129 immediately after running the scan, or does it come in later?

Are you connecting both the Wally and the 211z to the dish at the same time? Is there a single unbroken coax cable connecting the Wally to the dish (no more than 50', and 25' or less is recommended), or does it connect to the wall inside the RV?

Have you tried re-positioning the dish to see if it'll acquire the 129 HD signal any better? We could also clear out the configuration by unscrewing the coax cable from the back of the Wally, then run a check switch (HOME x3, Dish > Test Installation). Wait for the 836 popup and select Save, then reconnect the coax to the back of the box and re-run the check switch test as normal.

Re: Wally Pathway X2 HD Software Issue

It starts out on 110, so I get the SD locals. Only the Wally is hooked up. My 211z never had this issue in over 3 years of use. It would always retune to the HD bird.

Tell me more about "clearing the configuration" and code 836? What's the thought behind this?

It will go to 129 when I check the signal strength; which is anywhere from 41 - 44. As are all the other satellites, mid-40's. It's nothing to do with signal strength. It just doesn't "remember" that it needs to go to 129 to get the HD channels when turned on.

Sometimes it won't download the new guide info overnight and my onscreen guide shows no info available. Maybe I got a bum Wally.


Re: Wally Pathway X2 HD Software Issue


Yeah, very similar issues. We "upgraded" from 211Z to Wally and have had these issues.


We went through two Wallys, new cable, and two X2's. We could never go more than a few hours without signal loss issues. Sometimes we'd go through the acquisition process and end up with NO usable channels. This on both East and West sets of satellites. Sometimes the Wally would report no satellites found after about 30 seconds... without moving the antenna at all. Often we'd get SD but no HD. Once it lost signal it would never find it again without going through the whole acquisition process again. Very frustrating and time consuming.


  • New directly attached cable
  • two new Pathway Antenna
  • two new Wally receivers
  • tried all the "tricks" and tests mentioned in posts everywhere.


We finally had to revert back to the 211 and have had no issues for the past two months... despite foul weather.


I really like the UI, remote etc for the Wally, but they simply do not work reliably, despite Dish selling them as a package.


Not happy with the Wally or with Dish for this... and I have been a loyal Dish customer for many, many years.


Re: Wally Pathway X2 HD Software Issue


I have similar problems with the Wally. I have the Wally and the 211Z and the Dish Tailgater and the King Tailgater. The Wally fails to find satellites and the 211Z on a different dish finds them just find. I can switch the cables to change the receivers and swap the dish receiver connection. The Wally still fails to find satellites on the second dish and the 211Z finds them just fine on the first dish. In my opinion, the Wally is garbage.

Re: Wally Pathway X2 HD Software Issue

I have the same issue and Dish blames Winegard and Winegard blames Dish. Dish Outdoors (Pace International) has confirmed this a software issue w U806. I never allow the Wally’s to turn off and set the reset time to 9:00am to stop the reset and things then work correctly. It’s amazing how I’ve never received consistent answers from Dish, Winegard or Pace International (Dish Outdoors the go between w both companies). I thought I was losing my mind when setting this stuff up.