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I am a new customer for dishanywhere and am extremely disappointed.   

I cannot download the DISH Anywhere player on my desktop with Windows 10 - yes it has the most recent update.

If I click 'watch' on any show it says, "If you have already installed the DISH Anywhere Player, select "Continue" below. If not, select "Install". Click "install" and it says We have release a new video player for DISH Anywhere. Please click OK below to download the new video player. The DISH Anywhere Player is required for streaming on this browser".
It takes you to the Agreement screen -  "I Accept"
It then lists your PC requirements and what looks to be a "DOWNLOAD NOW" button. But when I click on the button , nothing happens, no error message, no warning message - NOTHING


What is going on?  

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Re: Video Player

Production Manager
Have you disabled pop up blockers?