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RV Pay As You Go Service

After buying our own equipment (ViP211K) and using the RV Pay As You Go service for over 6 years, we notified Dish about a month ago that we no longer needed the service and would not make any future payments.

However, today we received a delinquent payment notice, even though the account is RV Pay As You Go and we own our own equipment.

It took more than 30 minutes on the customer service line, with two escalations. We requested two items:

1. Written verification that we were not delinquent.

2. Cancel the account.

The second escalation was to the "Office of the President" , which we were told by the the customer service agent, was in Texas. After suggesting that perhaps we should send a registered letter to the Chairman of Dish, the customer agent sent us an email confirming that we were not delinquent, canceled the account, and removed the delinquent status from the Dish system.

Since we would need to call Dish to open a new account the next time we may wish to use Dish in our RV again, we do not plan on using the RV Pay As You Go service in the future.
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Re: RV Pay As You Go Service

Audio Engineer
Back when we stopped our RV's Dish Pay-As-You-Go service for the winter months, we just didn't pay the next month's bill. We usually got a past due notice or two, but we simply ignored them as directed by a Dish CSR. All it took to restart service in the spring was a phone call and payment for the next month's service. We live in our RV full time now, so we no longer stop the service and no longer get the notices of course.