Playmaker / Wally Eastern Arc signal strength

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Playmaker / Wally Eastern Arc signal strength


I'm about to replace my 2010 original Carryout GM-1518 and VIP211k for tailgating that have served me well.  It all still works, but I'd like to move the user interface into the current generation.  I've narrowed it down to the Wally coupled with the Playmaker or Pathway X2.  If you live in the Southeast and have the Playmaker and Wally, and wouldn't mind sharing, I'd be interested to know your signal strength on 61.5 transponders 3, 4, 12, and 13, and 72.7 transponders 4 and 24.  I know the figures for the Pathway, and am interested how the Playmaker compares.  Thanks for any help that is convenient to offer!

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Re: Playmaker / Wally Eastern Arc signal strength

Screen Writer
The signal strength will change based on geographical location and positioning of the antenna. If you go to and select your location and Dish 1000.4 EA, it will draw a line for where the signal is coming from and where in elevation it is, so you know if the antenna needs to be higher or something in the way. I prefer to use grip coordinates for that one, as it’s just far more precise.