Pay As You Go Billing - DISH needs to fix

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Pay As You Go Billing - DISH needs to fix

Hi - I am a loyal DISH customer, happy with the service, but very frustrated with the billing process for your Pay as You Go program. I have Dish for my RV, and the Pay As You program is prominently advertised in RV magazines, and I have been using it for years. But, your billing department, has recently begun issuing threatening emails, which include mention of late charges for not paying bills (which should not even be issued, by the way). THIS IS NOT HOW PAY AS YOU GO WORKS. Please review your billing practices and stop threatening your loyal and usually happy customers. Since you have threatened me, I will respond in-kind: If you don’t review your policies and correct this behavior, I will contact each of the magazines you advertise Pay as You Go packages and inform them that DISH will gladly set this service up for you, but the billing department will treat you poorly.

I am sure this is simply a gross error on the part of DISH, but I am taking the time to point this out to you so you can fix it.

Best Regards,
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Re: Pay As You Go Billing - DISH needs to fix

DISH Employee
There definitely shouldn't be any late fees for those account types, so it's possible the emails were sent in error. I would have to review the account though to get full details on why you're being notified of those. If you would like me to check that out, just send me a PM with the account or phone # and 4-digit pin.