No longer able to pause my RV account

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No longer able to pause my RV account


I want to share how extremely disappointed I am with your recent decision to no longer offer a pause to RV account holders.  I went camping last week and took my account off of pause for a 4 day camping trip.  Yesterday I chatted initially through your app and eventually called to place the account back to pause.  I then learned that feature is not available.  I camp 4 to 5 times each year (for 4 to 5 days on average) and being able to start and stop service in short segments was very convenient.  It was very reasonable with a charge of $5 per month and needing to be fully prepaid each time.  At this point I will let my prepaid month expire (unused as I have no trips planned and pay for service from another carrier at my house) as it is not worth it based on the way I use your service.  I will work hard to find other alternatives to your services.  In conclusion, I ask at a minimum for a refund of 1 month less four days of use of my monthly subscription.  It seems only fair as I would not have restarted my service if I knew the pause was no longer an option.  Thank you for your consideration.  I was an advocate for your service when asked by other campers and tailgaters...  For future requests I no longer will be an advocate...  Wes

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Re: No longer able to pause my RV account

Production Manager
RV accounts are pay as you go. That means you shouldn’t be pausing it. You should be cancelling the account, and restarting it as you go... there is no fee or charges while cancelled, and you have a prorated amount that will stay on the account. You just have to pay the difference when you restart service for your next trip. This is cheaper than what you’re trying to do.