No autohop in Dish anywhere

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No autohop in Dish anywhere

After 20 years with Dish, there are only 2 reasons why I still have my Dish account and my Hopper 2 :
1) locals with autohop
2) comedy central with manual commercial skip
I am now on the "welcome package".

I often watch my DVR content from the iOS Dish anywhere app. It unfortunately does not have Autohop. I am really very tired of this at this point.

When will this feature come, if ever ? It may be time for me to let go of Dish if it's not coming.
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Re: No autohop in Dish anywhere

Casting Director
It’s not likely to come. Too much red tape involved. The networks already tried to sue Dish over place shifting, and also for auto hop, so to combine the two would likely start another very expensive lawsuit.

No other provider has autobop, so not sure what your plans are. You’d be leaving for the same thing, with less features.