No HD on New Dish Anywhere on PC

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No HD on New Dish Anywhere on PC


I'm not a fan of the new interface Dish pushed out. I have this big investment for viewing HD content and am only getting a lower quality stream(maybe 720?). The old interface showed you the network speed and allowed you to switch to HD if the player didn't already switch over for you  automatically. What good is it to have a 100mb download speed if the stupid player won't play it in HD? Watching a dvd is higher quality than this garbage. I read some of the posts about the problems with this new HTML5 re-wraped product Dish is using and have many of the previous posters problems also.

It looks as if Dish is trying to copy the Amazon or Netflix interface which doesn't work! If I wanted to deal with this insanity, I'd watch more of my Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Hire back some of your programers and put a "classic view" tab option so the current customers can have back the features you dropped from this new viewer.

Is Dish is just trying to market (compete) to a new "younger crowd"  by copying Amazon & Netflix?

What about your existing customer base (that's shrinking)? Tryng to get rid of us?

I've been a Dish customer for 14 years and if this isn't fixed, will soon be an ex-customer.


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Re: No HD on New Dish Anywhere on PC

Audio Engineer

There is an answer to why you are not getting HD in this trhead.