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Local channels issue


We travel in our RV with a Wally and Tailgater.  Currently at zip 96003.  Have had the Wally for over a year and have never had such an issue with locals.  Non-locals work just fine.


When I tune a local, I get 'acquiring signal'.  Next is 'complete signal loss'.  Then comes 'we are having problems with the locals'.  Next, and finally, 'you are outside the designated area for these locals'.


This has worked all over the western US but having issues here.  Prior to 96003 (Redding CA), we are in Chico CA (95926) which are the same locals.  I cannot change my locals because the MyDish app thinks we are in the same location and cannot change them.  Reauthorizing the receiver doesn't help.  


I chatted with tech support a few days ago and it was working for a day but back to issues now.   


I have reset and scanned numerous times.  Repositioned the Tailgater to no avail.


I don't want to do a factory reset as I think it will erase my DVR recordings.



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Re: Local channels issue

Character Actor

I also have a Wally and I have to reset the locals on my smartphone when we change locations. I'm sure that is what you are doing, have you tried turning off location services and setting the zip code manually?