King Tailgater w/Wally not completing setup

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King Tailgater w/Wally not completing setup

I purchased a VQ4550 King Tailgater package to use while RVing, and have tried for three days to get it to work and it won’t.

I contacted King and they wrote back; "We've seen that occur on factory software for Wally's since they came out. Best we can advise is try a different coax and be sure it is run directly to the receiver, because it could be related to just weak signal coming in, otherwise we have been advising people to call Dish Network to let them know the receiver is frozen on that download because it doesn't get to that screen unless the Tailgater has searched and that "Test Installation" has given you a check mark. The best number to call for Dish on this would be 800-472-1039.�

I have called Dish service twice, stayed on hold for about twenty minutes Friday the 7th, and hung up. I called again on Saturday morning 4/8/17 and stayed on hold, and finally left a message for a return call, but it’s now 8:45 pm on Saturday and I have yet to hear from anyone. I don’t think my Wally is working. I have restarted the machine about 10 times over the last couple of days, changed out the coax cable, wired directly, and it still won’t download the software that it says will take 20 minutes.

I can’t get Customer Service to call back. Any Suggestions out there for a work around on the setup?
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Re: King Tailgater w/Wally not completing setup

DISH Employee
Hello and welcome to DISH popdaddyg. We're sorry to hear you're having a difficult time with this.
We have a special RV department at DISH that can be reached at 800-333-3474.