Frequently have to factory reset Wally

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Re: Frequently have to factory reset Wally

DISH Employee

Are you able to disconnect the EHD and run a check switch for me and verify if you are able to then pick up a signal on all tuners. 


Re: Frequently have to factory reset Wally

Character Actor

Does not make a difference if a disk is plugged in or not.


When I reset to factory defaults first step is to pair the remote, that goes quick and it advances to step 2, testing installation, then after a while, it shows 6 minutes left and the text "Reception error". no numbers or other indicators. The "Retest" option gives the same result when 6 minutes left.


However, when I remove the power and plug back in after 10 seconds the Wally finishes the setup normally and finds the satellites and it all works.


Be aware that I used this procedure when connected to my home antenna on the roof.


I will try out some more scenarios and report these when I find consistent behavior that can be reproduced.