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Fast forward or skip forward using dish anywhere

I like to watch recorded TV from my 722k DVR with sling adapter over WiFi. The DVR is connected with a cable and all other devices are connected by WiFi to the same network. When I watch high quality video using the dish anywhere app, the video freezes if I fast forward or skip forward. It works fine if I watch standard quality video. This occurs on multiple phones, tablets, and my Amazon fire stick. What do I need to do so I can watch high quality video on my local network and be able to fast forward or skip forward?
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Re: Fast forward or skip forward using dish anywhere

DISH Employee

Hello Latad1285,

Its not easy going back to SQ after you've been enjoying HQ. We have been seeing an unusual increase in this specific problem occurring and have since assigned our engineering team to investigate it. Even so, we can't at this time be sure that nothing else is causing what you're experiencing. Most likely, reinstalling the app won't yield any results since this is occurring across multiple devices. I have a few questions for you that can help our engineering team better understand what to look at.


1. Do you have any devices where you can successfully playback video in high quality?

2. Do you receive any error messages when freezing occurs?

3. Is freezing intermittent or do you have to re-launch the app to resume playing?

4. While the freezing occurs, can you navigate the app menus at all?


Sorry we have you posting in here instead of watching TV. I thank you for your time spent helping us get our app together.