Does Dish qualify for IDGO App service

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Re: Does Dish qualify for IDGO App service

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The Dish Anywhere app only allows you to watch on your mobile device what is currently showing on the Dish while you are away from your TV.   It is NOT the same thing as the programming on the IDgo app.  The IDgo app allows you to view older seasons of the shows and is great for binge watching.  We have been promised for over 2 yrs now that the IDgo app will be available with the next contract signing.  However it has not come to fruition and 2+ yrs is a long time to wait for something that isn’t going to happen.  We pay big bucks for the Dish subscriptions (I pay $160/month) and we should be able to have the IDgo app.  I’m going to change to Directv. 

@Chadt4141 wrote:
Dish is not, but you can view the content at the Dish anywhere app on the Firestick.


Re: Does Dish qualify for IDGO App service

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There is On Demand on DA as well. There is no guarantee for anything to be added. Although at the end of the year, I would guess it gets added as they just renewed a contract recently, that both parties announced some exciting new features.