Dishanywhere on Amazon Firestick Guide Options?

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Dishanywhere on Amazon Firestick Guide Options?


Is there a way to change the preset Guide options when using the Dish Anywhere app on an Amazon Firestick? For example, can you add a favorites only channels option like you can do on the Hopper DVR guide? I've tried talking with Dish suport and they were unable to help me, suggested I call Amazon for support which I will do, but this is an App issue I think and not a hardware issue and Dish should support the anywhere Dish app on Firestick.





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Re: Dishanywhere on Amazon Firestick Guide Options?

DISH Employee

Hello, Roy! With our DISH Anywhere APP, we do have the option to create a Favorites list. It should be the same process on the Firestick APP. When you are on the Guide, at the top there should be a drop down arrow next to the word "All". This will give you a list of guide options and at the bottom it should say "Edit Favorites". Once I created it, I did have to exit the APP and then relaunch it to be able to access the Favorites list I created.