Dishanywhere Login Problems - SOLVED!

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Dishanywhere Login Problems - SOLVED!


I've been unable to use dishanywhere for about 5 months now. I'm a Mac user, and the Mac app suddenly would always say I was not logged in. It would also have a message about needing to select a live stream or select a program to watch via Chrome. The same issue was happening on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. 


I've spent many hours uninstalling the app, reseting browser settings, enabling flash, blah blah blah. 


What I've found is that Vmware Airwatch was installed as a corporate mobile device management solution for the Mac I am using. The VMWare Airwatch application starts up a TCP listener on port 50001. I also noticed the dishanywhere app also starts a listener on TCP port 50001. 


I then had to sudo and move the airwatch applications and kill the processes (They respawn otherwise). Once the apps were killed, the dishanywhere application started to stream. 


The streaming worked fine until I returned the system to original settings and restarted the dishanywhere application. 



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