DishAnywhere not showing recent DVR recordings

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DishAnywhere not showing recent DVR recordings

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In the past few weeks, I find that recent DVR recordings, from the prior day or earlier the same day, do not show up in the DVR recordings on DishAnywhere when I try to watch them on my Windows 10 PC or Mac laptop. I also find that I am frequently logged out of DishAnywhere and have to reenter credentials, where I never had to do this before. The DIshAnywehre programs intermittantly has trouble connecting to the Hopper. All of this is new, and its on different computers, Mac and PC.


The shows ARE being recorded, and there is no problem watching them on the main TV where the Hopper is located. Anyone else having these issues, and any ideas how to fix? Restarting and removing cookies does not help.

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Re: DishAnywhere not showing recent DVR recordings

DISH Employee

We definitely hate to hear you having this problem with the DISH Anywhere feature, josephwit, and would love to check some things to help get this resolved. Will you send a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit security code, to check some things with your equipment, please? 


Here are the steps for sending a Private Message:


Re: DishAnywhere not showing recent DVR recordings


I basically only watch college football so this has only been noticed now. 
I've recorded a dozen or so football games and have them in a folder called, oddly enough, "Football".

On the dishanywhere app on my mac it never gets past "Choose your DISH profile" so I cannot watch it that way.


On browsers, I've tried this on Opera, Firefox, and Safari, you can go to DVR but it only shows "NCAA Football"  with 24 recordings available.


When you click on that 24 recordings, it only shows ONE game, the latest recorded.  It took me about an hour of unplugging, replugging, rebooting, trying different browsers, turning off the hopper, turning off the joey, rebooting my router, etc to try the "More Ways to Watch" link.  This brings up a whole list of "DVR:  ESPN, DVR:  SEC, DVR:  WJLA"  Well I had no idea what the heck that was.

Turns out each of those is a recording.  DishAnywhere things "NCAA Football" is one program and each of those recordings is of the same thing so there is no "Florida Vs Tennessee" or any other listing available, you have to know the order they were recorded in or you have to click on each one and see what starts playing. 


Man, that sucks!

Re: DishAnywhere not showing recent DVR recordings


@JessicaM @josephwit Hi. I have the same issue/question posted by "josephwit." But JessicaM at Dish made you take the conversation offline. Could one of you please share what happened/the answer, so that others may benefit? Thank you. 

Re: DishAnywhere not showing recent DVR recordings

DISH Employee

Hello there, sabs! We would definitely be happy to look into your issue with you in more detail, as well. Feel free to also send us a private message with your phone number and 4-digit security code associated with your account. 


The steps to send a private message are: 


1. Select the envelope in the top right corner of the page (it will be next to your avatar).

2. Once on the 'Private Messages' page, select 'New Message'.

3. In the 'Send To' field, type in the name of the user you would like to send a private message to.  Once you start typing a name, suggestions will auto populate.

4.  Once you compose your message, select 'Send Message' at the bottom of the page.