DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

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Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

DISH Employee

 I certainly know how frustrating it is to get conflicting answers when trying to resolve a problem. Thankfully the correct answer was supplied by Paola. I will definitely submit some feedback on this conversation to make sure going forward that the experience is seamless, and consistent. Thank you for providing your valuable feedback as for it allows us to know where areas of opportunity exist. 

Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

Camera Crew


It would be helpful if Dish would respond with a final answer on how DishAnywhere transfers could impact internet data usage.  I would like to make sure my test is not a fluke.  

I suggest Dish make a support article on which Dish features could use DishNet data and how to estimate their data consumption.  


Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network


I believe it.  It is ludicrous to think that Dish is streaming live Tv over the internet when you are using the same network that your hopper is conneted to.  


You can prove this to yourself by several easy experiments.  One is to disable your ISP after negotiating with dish.  Of cousre your router will need to remain online.   Or, use a sniffer such as wireshark and prove to yourself where the stream is coming from.


Why do you think the dish anywhere app tells you "connected to Living Room" or from whatever location your hopper is located?


I don't get all of the comments tht the question was not answered when it clearly was in the first response!  Doesn't anyone read or think any more?

Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

Camera Crew

While I believe the correct answer is internet data isn't used (after the initial verification) when the DishAnywhere app is connected to the same network as the Hopper there isn't a consensus among Dish representatives.  It is even logged in my notes when I called dish to query about this and the CSR was adamant that DishAnywhere would use internet data even if connect to the same local network.  

It would be nice if a Dish representative would provide a definitive answer.  The first response was not from a Dish representative and is contrary to what a Dish representative subsequently said.