DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

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Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

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I didn't read the answer that the stream is comming from Dish.

From what I read, the Anywhere App connects through the Internet, tells the Hopper which recording to stream, the Hopper streams the recording through the Internet to a Dish server that then sends it to the Dish Anywhere app.

It does this regardless of the app being local to the Hopper on the same wifi or someplace else on the planet with internet.

This makes the App useless if you have Satellite Internet, and means you are better off using a HopperGO even when at "Home", as a GO cannot access the internet, it has its own wifi server.

Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

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I completely agree with TimCarson. I can turn off the WAN connection to my router and still have a LAN Network connection and the app will no longer work. In my opinion, the app is garbage. It frequently disconnects from Hopper and has to be restarted several times a day. Everything else on my network works fine. Another good example, I can be watching programming or a dvr show and begin a large download and the app will freeze and could eventually lose connection. I am not surprised that the app doesn't work well, the Hopper I have is less than stellar and Dish won't fix it. They say I have to call in a certain number of times over a 6 month period to get some action. Frankly, I don't care to reset the Hopper over and over. 

Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

DISH Employee

nuckjr, can you please send me a private message with the phone number and 4 digit security code on your account?