DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

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DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network


I use the DishAnywhere daily while connected to my homenetwork and Hopper with Sling and I curious if the app should be consuming bandwidth? Based on my experience, it appears the app is routing all programming including recorded shows over the internet and not directly connecting to my Hopper. DVR recordings freeze, pixelate and stop on many occasions, sometimes live programming just goes black. Now I don't have a super fast ISP as I live in a rural area but if the app was directly connected to the hopper via the home network, I wouldn't expect these issues. 

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Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

Casting Director
If your mobile and your Hopper are on the same home network wirelessly, the data will pass through the router and never make it to the internet(except the initial login).

Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

DISH Employee

Nuckjr, both the Hopper and the DISH Anywhere app will depend on your home network for internet.


When your recordings freeze, pixelated, or stop, have you noticed any issues or error messages on your Hopper itself? You can also check the speed of your internet on your device that you are accessing DISH Anywhere on. To test the speed, Browser > Click "BEGIN TEST" to test speed. Once finished, it will display the download and upload speed in either kbps or mbps. You must have a minimum of 800 kbps for SD/SQ or 4 Mbps HD/HQ.


Please keep us updated! 

Re: DishAnywhere Bandwidth consumption on home network

Visual Engineer

WIFI connection?

If so you can check how crowded the channel you are using is (if your neighbors are on the same channel it could cause those issues) but you can switch the channel you use in your router.  Also the 5GHZ band is faster then the 2.4GHZ, but it has real issues going very far or through walls, for me the 5GZ worked intermittantly, so I'm on the 2.4.


For the channel used, your router will try to automatically pick the one it thinks is best for you.  Sometimes that will work fine, for me it did not and I had to do it myself.  There are many free apps that will show you how congested each channel is for free for Android phones @ the googleplay store.  After finding the channel with least interference set your router to it and see how it goes.


Let us know how you make out.