Dish Tailgater not getting HD Channels anymore

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Dish Tailgater not getting HD Channels anymore


I live in Charlotte, NC and had Dish for my home service and bought the tailgater two years ago. We use it tailgating in the mountains of NC around Asheville and while I had Dish service at my house I was able to get all the HD Channels just as if I was home while at the ballgame. After I left dish for ATT UVerse my tailgater stopped getting HD channels and dish Tech Support told me there was no way I was ever getting HD Channels in the mtns of NC while tailgating becuase it wasn't possible and there was no way to get HD channels on it due to the programming out of Greenville SC. When I asked how i was able to get HD channels for two years prior on it at the same place they again said that was not possible. Theres about 50 people that tailgate with us who have all watched HD channels on my TV and my Tailgater. 


Any help out there? I am not against going and getting another dish whether it be from Dish or DirectTV as long as it works. We have a very large group of people and everyone wants to watch the games.


Thank you

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Re: Dish Tailgater not getting HD Channels anymore

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The tailgater will get the Western sarcasm satellites. Both NC and SC locals are on Eastern Arc. You may have been getting them in HD before, but they have been doing migrations for awhile now.