Dish Anywhere with 2 Hopper System

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Dish Anywhere with 2 Hopper System

We have 2 hoppers (and 2 joeys)
Dish Anywhere sees AdminMasterBedroom but not AdminLivingRoom.
I've tried changing the default profile to no avail. It seems stuck on MasterBR

Error message says
"Connect to your home network if a Joey's missing from the list."

Irritating as spouse's choice if programming is unacceptable ..I'm sure you understand.
Thanks so much to anyone that can offer assistance.
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Re: Dish Anywhere with 2 Hopper System

DISH Employee
Are these regular Hopper 2000's? If so, do both of them have a sling adapter connected? I would also make sure bridging is enabled so both are registering the internet connection.