Dish Anywhere video player not loading/freezing Windows10

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Dish Anywhere video player not loading/freezing Windows10


I have had DISH services with a Hopper 3 receiver for about a year.  For the first few months My dishanywhere app was working great on all of my devices (android phone, mac and PC).  Around September 1st the video player would attempt to load after I selected a program from the guide on, it would "connect" to the Hopper, show the title of the program I selected, and begin the timer counting up as if it was trying to play the tv channel I chose.  The counter would freeze at about 4-6 seconds and the player would remain black.  I made sure my Mbps was strong and it was and even tried every browser I could think of - same issue.  This has gone on for months now and several DISH tech support reps tried but could not explain it.  I tried again today 12/5/18 and a DISH tech support rep told me that it has to do with a windows 10 update and to contact them.  I spent a bit of time researching this issue on line and looking for chats regarding similar issues and couldn't find anything helpful or current.  I finally decided to go to Microsoft support and initiate a chat with someone from microsoft.  In quick order, they solved the issue and my dish anywhere is fully functioning again!  Bottom line is that there is in fact a solution out there and I wanted to post this for those of us in similar situations.  All it required was a "clean boot."   It required a couple of simple steps that they walked me through (not posting them here because I don't remember them all and I don't want to misdirect anyone).  But there is a solution - a "clean boot."  What I don't know is if i'll have to do that procedure each time I want to use dishanywhere or if this is an ongoing fix, but contact Microsoft support and they seem to be able to walk you through a fix.

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Re: Dish Anywhere video player not loading/freezing Windows10

DISH Employee

Jasonrcody, thank you for sharing this information! I'm happy to hear that the "clean boot" was successful for you, and that you are now able to enjoy DISH Anywhere.