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Re: Dish Anywhere, new version

Camera Crew

This thread should never die.


I had the same problem late last night. Between this cluster***k that is DishAnywhere® and the "tearing" of video (only) on local stations, I'm about ready to kiss DISH® goodbye. My contract is up in December and if they can't make DishAnywhere® "useful" again, I'm off to OTA and internet services - which, in the long run, would cost much less.


DISH® needs to get their geniuses to create stand a alone app for PCs (and Macs) similar to the mobile apps. At the very least, they need to have the (new) browser version break out into a separate window with tuning capabilities. Then you could listen to the news while you compose an email.


Everyone does this right (i.e., better) except DISH®. I can't for the life of me understand how they can expect us to continue putting up with this kind of service. Their churn rate is in our hands.

Re: Dish Anywhere, new version

Camera Crew

Yes, Dish Anywhere still Sucks!

Useless on my PC.

I can't watch a show I have recorded until many hours after it has aired.

Does Comcast have a method to watch your shows on Windows 10? 

May be time to make the big switcheraro! 

Re: Dish Anywhere, new version

Audio Engineer

And its not just Dish Anywhere. If you compare technological advancements, Dish is still doing the 90's thing.

THeir 4k offering is, again, pathetic. On their Guide you can see in range of 540 chennel one 4k channel and one 4k HDR channel or at least that's what they are called.

The 4k HDR never has any content, I have not seen anything this entire year (2019). On the 4k channel, I have see a few sports events, like from NBC SN, but the pathetic thing is that they only enable the channel just for that event, otherwise, there is nothing on that channel. And during the event, they can't even produce their Ad breaks in 4k. They have to put up a still image and play music. Cause they are too cheap to update their broadcast facility to enable 4k functionality. What ever comes from NBC in 4k, they can distribute but that's about it.


Comcast, Direct, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and many others have had not only HDR but both HDR10 and Dolby Vision for a while now. Also many have Dolby Atmos so that you can have sorround from our sound bar. Nothing from Dish.


BTW, to answer the question above, Comcast has Xfinity Stream, allows streaming live and DVR stuff to any device and Windows Browser. Oh and I should mention that the few 4k events that I do get on hopper, can not be viewed in Dish Anywhere. Because Dish Anywhere is not really anywhere. Its only some of your content, some places and only some of the time.



Re: Dish Anywhere, new version

Character Actor

I changed the DNS number to and it did nothing ...nothing i do resolves why I cannot watch anything on my MacBook Pro... Error code 2009. Interestingly enough, I can watch on my iPad Pro and my iPhone 6S, but since DISH changed the app it will not work on my laptop!

Re: Dish Anywhere, new version

Character Actor

Well, lets see here. I do not see on my computer in recordings the same things. DVR has more. Strange. Can not pause a show and then come back a day or so later and resume. You have to start over again. Does not show the recordings in a logical order on mine. usually what was recorded last is what they are wanting you to watch first. Deleteing a  show is impossible. I have to holler at wife in living room if i want something deleted. I have all shows to record only NEW shows, yet I am stil lrecording tons of reruns. Dish totally screwed up. Whoever they paid to make this peice of crap needs to be sued and get their money back. I have told mife to prepare to lose Dish, as I can not any longer stand to be frustrated anymore by a peace of crap. Ok yeah, forgot the real good one. went to watch a recording and it goes to live streaming of channel.

Re: Dish Anywhere, new version


Many thanks. Exact error codes and issues- 2009, 2025 and 2026. Change your DNS settings from the control panel. Google "how to change DNS settings in Windows 10" or whatever your OS is and just do it! Spent 90 minutes with DISH tech support going through their entire page of troubleshooting suggestions and not once was this fix mentioned; in fact their "tech" guy didn't even know what problem  the error codes stood for. Suggested I sign up for their "Gold" tech support which for another 3 bucks a month would let me talk to a real IT guy (not the ones I got from Inda or wherever). Don't bother, and don't question why this should solve the problem like the other guy did, just do it! 3 months without DISH anywhere at $130 bucks a month. What abysmal service.