Dish Anywhere changes on Mac/PC - no need for DA Player any more

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Dish Anywhere changes on Mac/PC - no need for DA Player any more

Costume Designer

So as of a few days ago, Dish now streams within a regular browser window (Chrome on Windows 10, Safari on Macos) - I have uninstalled the previously required download "Dish Anywhere Player" and it still works fine.

Glad to see the separate Sling Player app go - I always had issues with it. But a few things so far I don't like about the new implementation:


1. No way to just hit "Live TV" and, with one click, go to the last channel viewed on the TV. I have to pull up the guide, scroll down to my channel, select the program, and click "watch".


2. No way to pull out the video in a separate window without the rest of the webpage (except going fullscreen). I always played the video in the Player window, which remembered its size, taking up one corner of my screen. Now I have to open Dish Anywhere in the browser, pull the browser tab into a separate window, resize it (every time) to make it smaller, and then scroll to center the video in it.


3. I can display favorite shows  (watch list) on the Dish Anywhere opening page, but not favorite CHANNELS. I can display LIVE CHANNELS, but I don't see a way to select which channels I want to display. I only watch a few channels, and I want to get to them quickly.


4. I have not seen any documentation at all on Dish's web or support sites about the fact that there was a change, let alone how to set it up and use it.


If anyone has info on any of these issues, please let me know!

Still love Dish...!




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Re: Dish Anywhere changes on Mac/PC - no need for DA Player any more

Camera Crew

5) in the on demand area, fix up the filters, the categories do not work super well yet, scifi shows 0 movies, action about 6, and horror shows like everything horror or not, and fantasy is not a choice.
Probably needs some time and tweaking to parse the movie data as the movies themselves do list the genre they are


But i do like the change as now i can actually use it, so polish it up, but keep going