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Re: Dish Anywhere app problems

Character Actor

this solutions does not work.  The app requires a log in authentication each time it is opened.  

The only (short term) work around is to put a video in pause and turn off the iPad.  Then, when I wake it up it can resume. This only work for a short time span between when I turn on the iPad and until its turned back on again. 


This morning I was viewing a program that had been transfered to the iPad. 8 minutes (without a connection) into the program, the screen blacked out and stated I needed to log in to view this content.  

Re: Dish Anywhere app problems

DISH Employee

Hello DenverJim and CDS. I understand having an issue with our DISH Anywhere app is definitely pretty frustrating. We are aware of the issue when trying to access transferred content, and our Engineering team is already looking for a solution to this issue. Right now, we have notice there is a work around for this issue. When receiving this message, connect to internet, log out, close the app completely, log back in. This should no longer ask for an Internet connection after the is done. We are still collecting feedback regarding this issue as it is only impacted a few of our members that are using this feature. Our Engineering team can definitely benefit from this feedback, and possibly find a quicker solution as to why this is impacting them and not the rest of our members. Can you send me a Private Message with your phone number and 4-digit PIN please? 

If you're not sure how to send us a PM, we have a great guide right here: