Dish Anywhere app problems

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Dish Anywhere app problems


I had been using the Dish Anywhere app for months and then all of a sudden started getting the error message that it can't connect because my receiver is not connected.  I was using this at work and my co-worker started getting the same error at the same time.  We both had someone check at home if our receivers were connected to the internet and they were.  I called into Dish and they said that it was a problem on my end that I didn't have enough highspeed internet.  Nothing had changed regarding my high speed internet and what a coincidence it happened to my co-worker at the same time.  Any suggestions?  Very frustrated with this as it had been a great feature to use while I was at work.

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Re: Dish Anywhere app problems

Audio Engineer

Is it possible that your work IT group is now blocking video streaming?  It is very common for businesses to block video streaming as it consumes a lot of network bandwidth for non-business purposes.