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Dish Anywhere User Guide/Support Manual


I am just looking into this functionality (dish anywhere) and find little information on the user interface or 'added features'.  For instance, there are lock icons on some of the movies on On Demand.  That could mean subscription required, parental control, a warning it is a terrible movie, or somebody's idea of decoration.

Again, it would seem to me that there is much more to the app than meets the eye.  Some people may have time to turn over all the rocks, but if there was a document (available to those without a secret path) that opened the splendors that the programmers have packed in there, ...

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Re: Dish Anywhere User Guide/Support Manual

DISH Employee

Good question THeck!  I looked into this and heres what I found.


The lock icon is meant to represent one of two things: Either it is a movie that is available for purchase only, say Green Book the recent best picture winner.  Or it is a Movie that requires a subscription to a channel or On Demand package you do not currently subscribe to.

That said, there is currently an issue with the interface where the locks appear on events that should not have it.  This is being investigated by the developers handling Dish Anywhere, though I can't provide any kind of ETA on when it will be fixed.

If you have general questions about functionality and how to use Dish Anywhere the best place to start is the FAQ page which is linked at the bottom of the Dish Anywhere website, or accessible through any "?" icons you see.