Dish Anywhere Issues

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Dish Anywhere Issues


My parents recently switched from DirectTV to Dish. If I recall, they have a Hopper 3. 


I live about 40 mins away and do not have an active cable/satellite/etc. My parents tend to come over once or twice every few weeks, and it would be nice if they could access their recorded TV shows and any live TV sporting events. 


The internet at my parent's house is an average broadband connection. It can stream Netflix while handling an online game without much issue. The upload speeds aren't great, as any gaming broadcasting I wanted to do on Twitch or Youtube Live was choppy and mostly terrible.


The internet at my house is fiberoptic and pretty powerful. I've had no issues doing most anything...except when I attempted to use Dish Anywhere using my Android phone, my desktop computer, and my recently purchased FireTV. The picture quality was horrendous and pixelated, and the app constantly buffered.


My question is my parent's internet "uploading" the Dish content to me aka streaming it? Or, is my own fiberoptic internet connection doing the heavy lifting here? If it's the latter, what is causing my lag issues? 



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Re: Dish Anywhere Issues

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It uploads from the receiver, and downloads to your phone. Depending on your parents numbers there, it does affect it.