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In Anywhere I set my favorites but everytime I go out of the app and back in the guide defaults back to "All". I then need to go to the drop down and click on favorites and then click on done. How can I make Favorites the default?   


On the Home Page, in Anywhere Is there a way to set the channels under TOP PICKS: LIVE so it shows 2 or 3 of my favorite channels? It would be very handy to just click on the play arrow. As it is the channels with the play buttons, under TOP PICKS LIVE, are random stations I don't want to watch.  



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Re: Dish Anywhere Favorites

Community Manager
Community Manager

I tested this on an iPhone with the current version of the app, version 7.9.0, and changing the guide to Favorites was persistent, even after force closing the app. 


Double check your app is up to date. 


At this time, the Home page can not be edited, but I can put this suggestion in to our team.