Dish Anywhere App internet connectivity issues

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Dish Anywhere App internet connectivity issues


When I set up my wireless internet to my Hopper 3 it displays my network name 6 times.

Unsure which one to select. I'm assuming that each of the 3 Google WiFi points are representing 2 channels(2.4ghz and

5 GHz) so 2 channels x 3 Google WiFi points= 6 available channels.  If I unplug the other 2 Google WiFi points and leave the main one connected to the modem and search for WiFi networks on the dish Hopper 3 setup it only gives me 2 network names to choose from which works but gives me internet connectivity issues while using my Dish app to watch TV while away from home. What's the proper way to do this setup?


My app will pop up The following messages while watching live tv on the dish anywhere app on my iPhone:


Dish anywhere cannot detect an internet connection. Functionality may be limited we will reconnect to the internet automatically once this device regains a Connection.


Dish anywhere. Your dish receiver does Not appear to be connected to the internet if this  problem persist, please unplug it for 10 seconds, plug it back in, and try again. Resetting your router may also help with this issue 

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Re: Dish Anywhere App internet connectivity issues

Screen Writer
Select the one that has the strongest signal. Using extenders can cause communications errors with the DHCP setup.